Subaru Industrial Power Products

Fergus Starter & Alternator now sells Subaru Industrial Power Products. For the past 40 years Subaru has been known for its innovation, superior quality and performance.

Industrial Engines

Subaru Industrial Engines are known for their superior performance, reliability and durability. In fact, they are backed by a 3 year warranty, one of the best in the industry.

At Fergus Starter & Alternator we supply Subaru’s full line of Industrial Engines from the compact 1.1-1.6 HP Micro Series to the powerful 18-28 HP V-Twin Cylinder Series.

Portable Generators

Subaru offers a complete line of Portable Generators from 1100 watts to 13000 watts.

Subaru offers a line of Inverter Silent Generators that are safe to use around sensitive electronics. With a choice of gasoline, diesel and single or three phase models, we can provide our customer with the unit that meets their particular needs.


Subaru’s line of engine driven pumps are built with the highest quality, come with construction grade features and are equipped with Subaru’s superior Industrial Engines.

We supply:

  • Centrifugal pumps that deliver fluid with uniform pressure.
  • High pressure pumps that can move water over great distances or heights.
  • Trash or Semi Trash that can deal with liquid containing particles or debris.